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2018 in Sioux Falls, SD


Every month, over 125,000 meals are logged, analyzed and graded on the LifeBase platform*


LifeBase is an innovative nutrition software platform that simplifies and automates the nutrition coaching process to create credibility and consistency for coaches and deliver improved health outcomes for their clients. Comprised of four (4) main components: Coaching command center dashboard, Medical-grade bio-impedance body composition measurement device, Machine learning automated coaching and Consumer macro exchange tracker app. LifeBase empowers nutrition coaches to help individuals and athletes achieve the best versions of themselves, regardless of their nutritional and fitness starting points more.


Nutrition and supplement retailers, high schools, colleges, insurance companies, meal prep companies, gyms, sports teams, football teams, wrestling teams and more.


Headquarters in Sioux Falls, SD.

Mission, principles and initiatives

We are dedicated to delivering a science-based approach to personalized and optimized nutrition so that every member can achieve transformative health and more.


Privately held and financed by a cadre of small investors, friends and partners.

Brand Guidelines

We provide the following brand guidelines to make it easy for you to use the LifeBase Solutions logo, whether you are showcasing your use of LifeBase Solutions products or representing us in news articles and blog posts. Please follow these guidelines to ensure that the LifeBase Solutions brand is consistent, recognizable, and always looks great!

If you would like to use our logo in any format not covered by these guidelines, please contact


The LifeBase Solutions logo is a wordmark only.

LifeBase Solutions logo

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Logo colors

The word LifeBase in the logo can either be black or white. However, the word Solutions is always orange (FF9900). Do not use an all black or all white version of the logo. Please use the black/orange logo for light backgrounds and the white/orange logo for dark backgrounds.

Logo on the white background:

LifeBase Solutions logo on white background

Logo on the black background:

LifeBase Solutions logo on black background

Clear space

LifeBase Solutions logo spacing


To ensure legibility, the LifeBase Solutions logo height should never be smaller than 35px in digital and 0.5in in print.

LifeBase Solutions logo size in pixels
LifeBase Solutions logo size in inches

If we are participating in your event, our logo should always be the same size as the logos of other companies or sponsors of the same tier.

alternative logo sizing
LifeBase Solutions logo sizing
alternative logo sizing

Spelling and Usage

When referencing our company in writing, LifeBase Solutions is always written as a single word with an uppercase L and B. It is important that the LifeBase Solutions logo remains consistent. Do not alter or manipulate the logo.

  • LifeBase Solutions
  • lifebase solutions
  • Life base Solutions
  • Lifebase Solutions
  • life base solutions
  • Life Base Solutions


These images are free to use when talking or writing about LifeBase Solutions.

Guidelines for usage

  • Use these images only when you write about LifeBase Solutions
  • Attribute LifeBase Solutions for the image
  • Don’t use the images other than LifeBase Solutions

You can download the zip folder with all the assets or download the images individually.

LifeBase dashboard

App and Dashboard

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